A Letter to self

Dear Me

As I grow I have learnt to accept you for all that you are. Appreciate you more, be more aware of your resilience and all that you are capable of. Getting to know the real you has taught me to love your authenticity, your personality, your flaws and every day I fall deeper in love with the person/ woman you are becoming.

I now understand its okay to be imperfectly perfect, to be flawed, to make mistakes, to fail, fall and be different in every way. All these dont define you, but they are part of your journey. I have become aware that I am a rare breed kinda of woman.

You are a masterpiece



Be upfront

Dear beloved ❤

I am starting to think how easy being upfront really is, you basically manage expectations thus limiting disappointments.

Growing up we are groomed into creatures that fit into different roles, there is females and males, boys and girls, etc. With this divide sadly comes a box we are put in, that as a girl/female/woman this is what you are expected to do, how to behave and so on and this applies to boys/male/man .

The box we are put in leaves less room for one to just be a human, have needs, acknowledge their feelings, speak their minds, be upfront in what they want, go for everything they want in life and really know no one is superior that you (male or female).

Please beloved know that the above applies to everything you can think of where you face a challenge of not doing more, speaking up more or fighting more for what you believe in and want because that’s not how you were brought up.

Imagine if we were all brought up in a manner that allows us to just be….. Do more, speak up more, be more upfront. Possibly we would avoid disappointments, grow more and be happier without the burden of biting our tongues.

Fellow humans, go out there in the world wherever you are and Do more, speak up more, be upfront about your wants, feelings(without being offensive),your goals and dreams.


Dare to change history


Nhle ❤👑


Dear beloved

I have been MIA I know, sorry about that been trying to figure out this thing called life.

Today I just want to briefly touch on the past, as humans sometimes we make a mistake of letting the past hold us back ( me included😂), we hold on to past pains, disappointments and miss out on the amazing things life has to offer. This hinders our ability to see how great life can be, we fear taking risks, we build walls around us trying to protect ourselves be it careerwise, friendships and love of course.

Its okay to be guarded but dont miss out on opportunities because you are living in fear, fear on its own is a crippling feeling. Dont miss out on loving ( this is broad) and can be loving yourself because you think about all your flaws that some people may have taken jabs at. We are all imperfectly perfect creatures and its important to know as well as acknowledge that. Dont miss out on trying new things or taking risks, there is nothing for you in your comfort zone…. Take a leap of faith. Don’t miss out on loving others because you once loved and you felt it wasn’t enough or felt you have to compete for affection. You are worthy of love and happiness.

Dont miss out on caring about your friendships, family or other humans because you were once/twice disappointed or you felt your loyalty meant nothing and you were taken for granted. There are beautiful, caring, loyal humans out there who will deserve all you have to offer.

To finish off today, I want to thank you for taking the time to read while I share my thoughts.

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No matter what remember to push through all the hardships, you matter and are worthy

Love and light


Its okay not to be okay

Growing up we were programmed in a way where you had to get over things instantly without ever dealing with them or that’s what you were exposed to be it from parents, relatives.

Not showing emotions was a sign of strength, like being upset, sad or emotional shows weakness. So now as we grow up we are faced with a challenge of reprogramming ourselves to deal with these emotions, understand how it is okay not to to be okay, understand that our feelings are validated no matter how minor it may seem to one person

Do you (male or female) show emotions? Are you okay with showing any kind of emotions? Do you understand the importance of dealing/ addressing these feelings and not bottling them up. Drop a comment and share, I would love to hear your opinion, thoughts on this.

Feel the feeling, don’t become the feeling and remember its okay not to be okay……

I am learning to become


Libra Queen ❤👑

Something to think about

Hi fellas

So a friend posted something that had me thinking about relationship ( dating particularly) we sometimes make a mistake of dating and wanting to raise a person at once but I personally think that a man/ woman who wants to be a grown up and be in a relationship will do just that. You can’t make another person act grown up that is strictly their choice, a man / woman will step up if they want to, they will commit if they want to.

Don’t get in a relationship to raise anyone up, that’s not your job. Don’t get me wrong, you can grow together, uplift each other and push it each other towards each one’s greatest potential but don’t confuse all that for a requirement to raise anyone at all. It shouldn’t be part and parcel of a relationship, that’s my opinion. If that’s how the relationship is, it becomes draining. You are in a relationship, partnership with this individual and you are not their parent.

A man or woman who wants to build something with you will help you grow, will help you build towards something and they will step up!

So what’s your take on that? Leave a comment below of your thoughts, like if you agree with my opinion. I sure will appreciate hearing your thoughts… I have left a screenshot of the above mentioned status

Love and light


Step towards happiness

I am taking a step towards happiness, carefully and gracefully. I realize that I too deserve utmost happiness, joy and love eventually. So I am taking one step at a time towards this whilst I patiently wait for love to find me, there is no rush, actually you should never feel pressure to conform to what society says regarding being single. Everyone has so many opinions but those are just that ” their opinion” and it should never count.

So I went on a date and it was fun, refreshing, playful and no heavy with expectations. So it’s very important not to generalize when getting to know people, people are certainly not the same and not everyone will disappoint you, so you must gracefully step towards happiness without anything hindering you or carrying past baggage as its not healthy for you or whatever prospect relationship you want to explore ( this includes, friendships too)

So take a sit and watch as I take on a journey of finding myself, remembering my worth, realizing what a masterpiece I am and give love another chance maybe…

Life is too short, live boldly, love unconditionally, give second chances, take risks. Be fearless but always remember that you are No 1

My Hair is My Crown

So today I got into a discussion with my colleague because for those who dont know I am a woman of color and I am growing my natural hair. It has always been either braided, plaited, weaved but I would every now and again let it breathe.

My colleague today says I need to do something about my hair so I ask why and his justification is I need change yet this is the same guy who has seen me with a weave month after month or braids month after month without asking me to do something about my hair. I think his bad luck must have been yesterday I overheard comments he was making that our natural hair isn’t so pretty, so my question to him was ” Why is my natural hair second best to weaves? Why do I only fit the category of beautiful when I have a weave or have braided my hair” ?

This was followed by a lot of justification on his part and honestly for me I define my own beauty and my natural hair is my crown so I will choose how to wear it. Weaved, braided or just keeping it natural.

“My hair doesn’t need to be fixed, Society’s view of beauty is what’s broken”