Rising Phoenix : The reason behind it

A lot of people often ask why I am so obsessed with the Rising Phoenix

I hardly ever get into detail, but for me Rising Phoenix isn’t just words. It’s so literal to my journey of self discovery, contentment and finding my light. We all deal with life’s struggles, losses differently and I went on my journey of dealing with mine. It wasn’t easy but I was resilient.

It marks my rise from a very dark time in my life, when I thought there was no light, joy, contentment because of a loss that I suffered. Once I finally found the strength or better yet recognized how strong I am then I resonated with that saying ” She will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes”

Now I find joy in little things, I am grateful I was able to crawl out of that dark cave that felt like it was swallowing me whole thanks to my support structure (friends, family and loved ones) being so constant❤️.

From that my beautiful tattoo😍 was born and the reason it says Rising Phoenix it’s because for me that is a journey, it’s continuous with my personal growth and me being a work in progress.

To life, love, health and contentment
Khaleesi ❤️


Evening folks

You ever wonder about time /timing when it comes to your life. It is said that time heals and there’s is also perfect timing for everything.

In light of the above I will touch on an event that I am still healing from 3 years later. The loss of my sister, even today there is certain songs that prior to today I wouldn’t dare listen to because of the emotions they arise within me. Does that mean I am not healing or am I?

Then there is perfect timing, imagine this applying in your love life. Does that mean you sit and wait for this perfect time and possibly miss out on finding love, partnership / a companion? Or do you sometimes just know something is right and go for it, be bare in your emotions and want it?

In my above question I am no way implying that one should rush into relationships but rather wondering where the “perfectttiming” comes in. 🤩

Seeking companionship isn’t about looking to be fulfilled by the other person but alas it is the case with so many in our generation right? I wonder if you ever have fears that you might be too happy single and not want the emotions involved with a relationship.

Do you find yourself thinking that regardless of that possibility of too much emotions, having too compromise you still want a chance at pure love, friendship, companionship?

There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be lonely right?

“Trust the timing of your life”

Love & light


The Journey :Vulnerability

Hi everyone

It’s been long since I shared my thoughts with you. Guess with the pandemic (Covid-19) & lockdown restrictions one has found themselves dealing with a lot of anxiety. You know the fear of the unknown, somehow this becomes relevant to what I am about to share today.

If you haven’t had a chance to read my previous posts on here let me catch you up. This platform for me is a no judgement zone where everyone is welcome to join in and share their experiences, advice on how to tackle this journey called life

So I have found myself in my thoughts a lot of recent times and I kept wondering on how vulnerable can one be across their relationships. To me this is broad, from family, friends, potential partners and acquaintances…

On this on going journey understanding the limits or boundaries to vulnerability is important because I for one am learning to let my walls down a bit but also I know that comes with a tremendous amount of risk. This is risk of being disappointed, embarrassed, hurt and being taken advantage of. That makes it absolutely difficult.

Of recent I tried it out with a certain relationship and I got misunderstood, I felt a tad bit rejected in terms what I was sharing about myself was not particularly acceptable to the other counterpart. Ultimately I have found myself retracting to my shell of safety and that’s not really what I want. So do you then not care how what you share is received and take pride in having shared??

This journey is a long one, of self discovery. The best to do is to embrace it, learn as much as you can and don’t forget to Live. Truly live

Love & Light

Nhle 💚🍀

Letter to thyself

Dear Me

I just want to take this moment and tell you a few things that I have learnt about you this past year and a half. You took on the journey of self discovery and boy did you do it with grace. Was it hard? Of course anything easy is not worth having. You pushed through, learning to become the person you wanted. Tapping to all the life’s possibilities and what it has to offer. You understood that sometimes you have to take a step back in order to take a step forward. I am proud of you, I am proud of the woman you are becoming, I watch in awe at the growth you have had just this year and know that the sky is the limit young one.

In this journey, because it will remain a journey dont stop being yourself, putting yourself first a little more, being goofy, crazy, funny, outspoken, standing for wjat you believe in even when you are standing alone.

Remember your feelings matter, its okay not to be okay sometimes, its okay to take time off and regroup, its okay to love and be loved, its okay to be misunderstood.

Its okay to be a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time. You are a diamond taking shape 💎

You are going to be okay, you will continue to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix

Love & Light♥️

Am I next

As we try and live through this femicide epidemic I find myself asking this question.

The sad reality of a women in SA is that we live in constant fear and if you go through the many threads on Twitter your heart breaks each second. So many men become extremely defensive and offended by the #MenAreTrash and don’t take the time to have an educated understanding of what it stands for or what it means. Of course there are good men out there however with that being said this hashtag is an awareness, a cry for help, accountability from some

Something has to give and my status is not saying everyone. An educated understanding of the #MenAreTrash doesn’t mean all but some of you have lit WhatsApp groups with your friends and laugh when they tell you how they violate women every weekend but you keep quiet all in the name of bro’s and not snitching.
You are okay with your friends/ acquintances referring to women as stocko, talking about how they take advantage of women , continuously degrading them. You honestly can’t be a real men and be okay with that. #SorryNotSorry

@HSurvivors2 have a read

Love and light

Self Validation

Hi everyone

I can officially say I am the expert on disappearing acts 😎

I was going to apologize but tonight I feel that I dont need to apologize for living, for experiencing life and not letting it pass me by while I lick my wounds.

I deserve a life fully lived and I deserve to be present. Anywho to speak of the title for tonight I literally had a thought as i listened to 94.7 my friends are convinced I am Caucasian stuck in an African body 😂 by the way.

So self validation right, it seems to be looked down on and that is particularly strange to me. As a single woman if you self validate automatically society claims you have been heartbroken which sometimes is true. Its true that fellow sisters were so lost in their former relationships that they forgot themselves. I think its high time as women we start to see our own worth , self validate, show ourselves love and set the standard.

Sisters dont make the mistake of getting into relationships to feel wanted, feel complete, validated by this skew society we live in. It is vital that you know your worth, know your capabilities, love yourselves enough to not settle for mediocre.

Any person who sees that in you, how you know yourself, love yourselves and treat yourselves will have the tone set.

I will be the first to say how sad it is to see fellow sisters accept being options when they should be a choice even within my circle.

Stop accepting mediocre because you are terrified of being alone, stop settling for less than you are worth.

Fear of the unknown

My dear readers

I have been awfully quiet, apologies. Juggling work, school, family means some of the other things I love like sharing my thoughts, my journey, difficulties with you take the back burner 😩 and I wish I could enough time to share at all times even with my busy schedule.

Since that’s out of the way, I have been specific about what I want to touch on today. The fear of the unknown

This is certainly something whether we acknowledge or not as the human race we come across more often than we care to admit.

I personally have come across it, it can be in one’s career, personal growth/ life in general. We spend so much time being fearful of change, fearful of how others perceive us , we sometimes even fear growth, letting go of people or things that don’t serve us. We become fearful of what we don’t know and this hinders our growth as humans, taking risks in our lives because we don’t know if they will pan out or not.

But if you don’t take a risks how will you grow as person, how do you learn from mistakes you make if constantly you remain in your comfort zone/ corner. Sometimes you just need to step up to the world, take risks, fail, fall, leave your comfort zone, rise from the ashes like a phoenix ❤. As scary as it is you might be stepping into your destiny, finding your path. It is vital that regardless of how many times you fall in this process/ journey you rise again. Claim what’s yours, keep your head held high, try and try again☺

Someone very dear to me kept telling me what he saw in me and I argued, pushed back and refused to see that potential in myself. It took me a while but I finally saw what he saw and got out of my cocoon and decided its time I unapologetically claim what’s mine, go after my goals and try getting over the fear of the unknown one day at a time.

So today I will conclude with this :

  1. “Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it.”
    –Judy Blume

These words I got inked mean a lot to me….. #RisingPhoenix❤💎


So in the few years that I have been involved with another human being I learnt a few things that have helped me grow. Sometimes these things are beneficial to me and sometimes leave me feeling like a counsellor, I will tell you this my loves that is the most emotionally draining profession especially when you never studied for it or got preparations for it.

Imagine in the circle of your acquaintances everyone who has a relationship issue, requires advice came to you. Dumped on you all their burdens and you had no way of off loading.

To get back on the lesson, its important to speak about things that bother you with your partner, friend or family members. Keeping quiet doesn’t help either parties and certainly not you.

Looking at an intimate relationship keeping quiet and expecting the other party to guess why you are upset is not only childish, immature but detrimental to the relationship. You communicate with your partner like grown ups and pick your battles wisely, he/she can’t be out there (work, life in general)fighting wars and even when with you they are fighting over petty things.

It takes more energy to stay angry than communicating and reaching an amicable solution.


Nhle 👑💝


Dear my beloveds

Its been a while since I last shared and kept you updated on this journey I am on.

Today I just want to share about the purity we come across in our lives. You all know I am all about relationships when I and again this is on a broader aspect not just intimate ones. There are humans who see you, acknowledge you and show you pure care, kindness, interest, love with no hidden agendas.

Even after all the storms in your life whether in a form of dishonesty, betrayal, being used, taken for granted dont miss out on this purity because your wall is too high up. Dont rob yourself off of something so beautiful, so amazing because of the past. Let your past be your lesson.

Love and light


A Letter to self

Dear Me

As I grow I have learnt to accept you for all that you are. Appreciate you more, be more aware of your resilience and all that you are capable of. Getting to know the real you has taught me to love your authenticity, your personality, your flaws and every day I fall deeper in love with the person/ woman you are becoming.

I now understand its okay to be imperfectly perfect, to be flawed, to make mistakes, to fail, fall and be different in every way. All these dont define you, but they are part of your journey. I have become aware that I am a rare breed kinda of woman.

You are a masterpiece